Widening the lens for patient research

Patient-centricity has transformed the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, moving from a product-centric to a more holistic approach that aims to put the patient at the heart of business. Companies now dedicate specific resources to patient support, patient advocacy and patient engagement, focused on improving patient outcomes. These initiatives have their own commercial value but it is the value to patients that is most significant.

The role of market research is pivotal in helping companies understand the patient better. Traditional market research has always focused on talking with patients but as patient research evolves we are understanding the importance of a widening lens to this work, the lid can be lifted on what really drives the patient experience and outcomes.

Dinisha Cherodian has published two articles, the first focuses on highlighting the importance of widening the perspective to explore the whole patient ecosystem:

1/ Mining the patient ecosystem to achieve better patient outcomes

And the second provides five tips for approaching multigenerational research:

2 / It takes a village to care for a patient

‘As the pharmaceutical industry becomes more patient-centered, it is up to marketing researchers to develop and use techniques that dive deeper into the patient ecosystem.’

Mining the patient ecosystem to achieve better patient outcomes – Download the PDF article here:

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