STRAT7: A fantastic new home for Incite

Joining STRAT7 is brilliant news for Incite. Having been through a few changes of ownership over my career, this is by far the best fit between two organisations that I’ve ever seen, with big benefits both to our clients and to our people.

At Incite, we are known for combining insight with commercial acumen to help our clients succeed and grow, both as people and as businesses. We employ smart, emotionally intelligent people who clients trust. This isn’t just our opinion, it’s objective – we used an external client relationship expert to interview our clients. Our results, almost across the board, were massively better than agency benchmarks.

But strong relationships only help our clients when we can back up the trust with solutions that solve their problems. Most of the time we can, but there are some things they need which we can’t yet offer, or that we need to improve.

Happily, joining STRAT7 creates huge opportunities for us to provide a more rounded offer to our clients. We’ll be able to work with and access cutting edge online community tech, proprietary data collection platforms, experts on culture, enhanced design capabilities, best-in-class data science, AI and more. Collaborating with people who are experts in different fields, but who share similar values and aspirations.

So this is good news for our clients and it is also good news for Incite people – both those who work here today and those who want to work here in future. I can’t think of another business that can offer its people the learning and development opportunities that we now can.

Please get in touch to find out more.